Page 11 - Avebury Complex

The positions of the monuments of the Avebury Complex may be added to Google Earth or other digital mapping systems by loading this kmz file: AVEBURY COMPLEX
For Google Earth open the programme first, then click on file.


Page 14 - Avebury's Landscape

In 2017 the Living With Monuments team led by Mark Gillings, Josh Pollard, Mike Allen and Charly French began to investigate an area of Avebury Down, with test pitting and soil sampling.

Read their Interim Report here:  AVEBURY DOWN 2017

Page 19 - Fossil Wood in Sarsen Stone

I have identified the wood of Swamp Cypress (Taxodium Distichum) in sarsen stone. This is not an entirely new discovery: 1930 WAM article.

The National Trust's website for the Fox Talbot Museum & Lacock Abbey where Swamp Cypress trees may be found growing.

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