AC Smith Maps: Map H. Squares 43 to 48


Winterbourne Bassett, Broad Hinton

Square 43:
a. "This square mile, having long been under the plough, contains no traces of early occupation."

Square 44:
a. Similarly empty.

Square 45:
a. The Ridgeway.
b. Very indistinct barrow in a circular plantation.
c. A similar flat barrow.
d. Remains of a square earthwork, much cut away.
e. A square or oblong enclosure.

Square 46:
a. Two banks and a broad ditch - perhaps an old road.
b. Very irregular mound, probably a barrow.

Square 47:
a. The Ridgeway here takes a south-westerly direction.
b. Oblong or nearly square enclosure with bank and ditch. Is it one of the "Druids Houses" mentioned by Stukeley?
c.. The Ridgeway again.

Square 48:
a. The Ridgeway.
b. Low, flat, bowl-shaped barrow, no ditch. Opened at top.
c. Large high bowl-shaped barrow, no ditch. Opened at top.
d. Oblong enclosure.
e. Three large sarsen stones that seem to mark some burial or monument.

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