AC Smith Maps: Map O. Squares 85 to 90


West Woods, Hewish, Martinsell Camp

Square 85:
a. Wansdyke, not so easy to see as it passes through the woods.
b. Large bowl-shaped barrow, apparently not opened.

Square 86:
a. Wansdyke.

Square 87:
a. Wansdyke continues due east.
b. Forty or more sarsen stones, lying near together in apparent disorder; but whether or not they ever formed a circle or circles is open to doubt.

Square 88:
a. Hewish Hill is remarkable for the earthworks it contains.
b. Moderate-sized bowl-shaped barrow with ditch, not opened.
c. Moderate-sized bowl-shaped barrow with ditch, not opened.
d. Long-shaped barrow with three holes in top where it has been opened.
e. Apparently a double barrow, not opened.
f. Small bowl-shaped barrow, not opened. Hoare recounted how Cunnington had opened some of these barrows in Ancient Wilts, North, p. 11.

Square 89:
a. Western portion of Martinsell Camp.
b. The earthworks on Hewish Hill continue.

Square 90:
a. Martinsell Camp is one of the most interesting spots on these downs.
b. East of the camp are many circular depressions in the turf. These are none other than the pit dwellings or hut circles of the Ancient Britons.


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