AC Smith Maps: Map N. Squares 79 to 84


Lockeridge, Manton, Marlborough

Square 79:
a. The Devil's Den - "a noble specimen of the kistvaen" perfect in condition.
b. Bowl-shaped barrow, a large hole in its top from opening.

Square 80:
a. Banks, ditches and lines of earthworks, marking British occupation.

Square 81:
a. Large bowl-shaped barrow, now made square and bearing on the top the flag-staff of the Marlborough rifle range.
b. Very large, irregular barrow with tree cover, no ditch.
c. Very low, wide, bowl-shaped barrow, no ditch.
d. Very low barrow; no ditch, not opened.
e. Earthwork on Marlborough Common.

Square 82:
a. Very wide large bowl-shaped barrow, being ploughed out.

Square 83:
a. Very flat wide barrow, fast disappearing under the plough.

Square 84:
a. Earthworks, banks and ditches.
I. Second only to Silbury in size, the great mound of Marlborough is an artificial tumulus which deserves careful examination.


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